Charm and Character

Like the charm and character of an older home? You're not alone. A number of people buy homes with the intention of fixing them up. I have to be honest with you. Many times, the fixing up part never happens. Ha!

If you are looking for a home, and do like the early to mid-20th century architecture and style, you will want to check out this home on Welty Avenue in Dillsburg. Every room has been updated. There are 5 garage bays and a carriage house on almost 1/2 acre. It's fantastic. Honest.

If you live in an older home now, and have some ambition -- here is my suggestion: Update the bathrooms and the kitchen.

It's true that it will cost you more money to update those rooms. It's also true that if those rooms aren't updated, your home probably won't sell for as much or as fast. Besides, it's a good thing to have nice updated rooms for reasons other than selling. I guarantee you'll smile the first time you eat dinner in your new kitchen!