Mar 3, 2022

Housing Shortage or Thought Scarcity?: A Common Sense Proposal


Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

With low inventory, BOTH buyers and renters are having a challenging time getting into a home. A solution, one would think, is creating more available homes.

A gut reaction would be to build big developments, with large homes or maybe a condo complex. But what if you could build a home on your current property and rent it out?

I see small towns around me push back, and a common reason is "parking". Meanwhile, a quick drive down their streets will show plenty of parking. And get this, the people that would shop in the now almost empty stores in their town wouldn't need to drive there - they would walk.

Another pushback I hear is that a new structure will create too much non-permeable space. It's always an interesting thing to hear from a sector that listens and smiles - but does nothing - when I talk about clean water bills, riparian buffers, and other common sense solutions to a healthy local environment.

The more I learn about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) the more I see great potential.
Learn more about ADU's at Architectual Digest.

Jan 28, 2022

When Is The Market Going To Change?


I get asked the "when is the market going to change" question about twice a day. In fact, I think I've been asked that almost every day since I got into this business about 20 years ago.

While I help people all over the globe, I'm hands-on in the area within about 90 minutes of Harrisburg. The thing with this location is that people *like living here*. Looking over my past client list - I am seeing some trends that (in my opinion) prove just how well-liked the 717 area code is.

A number of my clients grew up in Pennsylvania. Then - they moved away, only to return. Their reasons are many but popular answers are the cost of living, community, and employment.

This is a big reason we have a low inventory of homes. People want to live here. 

Do I think there is going to be a shift? Yep! But nothing so drastic as seeing whole neighborhoods for sale like we saw in other parts of the country a few years ago.

The reality is that the sellers I represent are able to take advantage of the current housing demand. Their homes are selling quicker. However, my buyers are still buying too. Everyone I work with - if they are serious about it - gets their home.

Not sure what to do, or when? Give me a call.

But to answer that question - "When is the market going to change"? The answer is today :-)

Feb 1, 2021

Don't Be Afraid of Your Home Loan


It is not uncommon for consumers AND real estate professionals to cringe when they hear certain loan types mentioned. A wall goes up and negotiations and business relationships fizzle.


Listen up. Don't be afraid.

It is important for everyone involved in a real estate transaction to understand that with ANY loan, there are guidelines, rules, criteria, and maybe just as important there are many misconceptions.

With inventory still low at the beginning of 2021's first quarter, buyers will want to make sure sellers are comfortable with their offer. The last thing you want is a seller or their Realtor taking your offer and immediately putting it in the "runner-up" pile when there are multiple offers.

I was successful in getting all of the USDA, VA and FHA deals for my Buyers AND Sellers to settlement in 2020 and the beginning of 2021. 

I often have fellow Realtors, friends,  enemies (ha!) ask me:  "Why did the seller accept your offer? Your client has a VA Loan"? Or, "I don't get it, your listing sold and the buyer used a USDA loan?"

With every real estate deal there is risk. An offer with cash, no inspections, settlement in 14 days can go south very quickly. 

Being informed and honest with everyone generally takes the "scare-factor" out of the loans mentioned above.

What's the trick? Communication and education. To go over all of the details isn't practical in a blog post. As a consumer you want to make sure to speak to your Realtor. Make sure they are informed, and maybe just as important --- not AFRAID. If you are a Realtor and think this is silly. Call me. Unless you " ...  don't need no education ... ".