Jan 28, 2022

When Is The Market Going To Change?


I get asked the "when is the market going to change" question about twice a day. In fact, I think I've been asked that almost every day since I got into this business about 20 years ago.

While I help people all over the globe, I'm hands-on in the area within about 90 minutes of Harrisburg. The thing with this location is that people *like living here*. Looking over my past client list - I am seeing some trends that (in my opinion) prove just how well-liked the 717 area code is.

A number of my clients grew up in Pennsylvania. Then - they moved away, only to return. Their reasons are many but popular answers are the cost of living, community, and employment.

This is a big reason we have a low inventory of homes. People want to live here. 

Do I think there is going to be a shift? Yep! But nothing so drastic as seeing whole neighborhoods for sale like we saw in other parts of the country a few years ago.

The reality is that the sellers I represent are able to take advantage of the current housing demand. Their homes are selling quicker. However, my buyers are still buying too. Everyone I work with - if they are serious about it - gets their home.

Not sure what to do, or when? Give me a call.

But to answer that question - "When is the market going to change"? The answer is today :-)