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Let's Go For A Walk: Meet the Wurbles


When's the last time you opened your front door and walked down the street for a cup of joe or to hit the gym? A number of people, especially those in the "717", can't do that. We live in the suburbs. The country. We drive to work, shop, and play.

Some stats and news reports the last two years would have you believe that everyone is moving to the sticks. The truth is, I've never had so many people tell me they want to live in a community where they can walk or bike for shopping, exercise, work, school, etc ...

Some things to consider if you find it appealing to be using your car less. This goes for both buying a home or renting. 

 - Flirt with living in town. A novel idea! Take your pick, almost all of them have housing options that allow you to do a number of things on foot or two wheels. If sustainability is important to you, this is a homerun

 - Live near public transportation. The "717" doesn't have a subway, but options include the CAT bus, ride-share, and train. Yes, train. Amtrak. Look it up! Live in a more affordable town and take the train to work in one with higher taxes or home values

 - Live in a walkable suburb. Say what? I call them Wurbles (walk-able surburbs). No one else does, and with Wordle all the rage, I think my buzzword may never buzz

Developers saw the walkable suburb trend on the horizon and have been designing new communities with a handful of amenities available for a number of years. Think gym, coffeeshop, pub, and more

For a look at a home in one of those walkable suburbs, check out this home in the Arcona neighborhood in Mechanicsburg, PA.

If you want to be part of the greater good and help "Wurble" catch on, share this article.

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