Apr 9, 2020

Turning the Page

I've been working on a list of possible new real estate trends as a result of this situation our planet is in. I know I'd like a bigger pantry Send me your thoughts!
Yes, I am open for business. There are so many things buyers and sellers can do right now --- and waiting could be an unnecessary misstep. Reach out to me.
Adapting to new restrictions has kept me busy. It's true that (as of this writing) Realtors in Pennsylvania are not allowed to show homes or meet clients in person. I'm looking forward to a healthy USA and when things are more *normal*.
Still, this pandemic has allowed me to reevaluate how I conduct my business. I am optimistic about the future. Honest.
Motivation comes from all sorts of places.
- My parents, by example, showed me the value of working smart. My dad always told me he didn't care what I did, but just to make sure to do it well. Be great at it. My mom told me a thousand (a million?) times to "... make do with what you have ...". That didn't mean to settle for what you have - but take what you have and grow from it
- My wife will remind me not to burn out from overwork. Sage advice!
- New clients have been calling me, a reminder that there is a future
What seems like yesterday, but was a few years ago - clients sent me this photo. I remember some of the obstacles we had to cross to get to the point of that "Sold" rider being added to my sign.
What really stuck with me was knowing what this sale meant to their family. Saying goodbye to where they started, but moving on to the next exciting chapter.