Mar 28, 2020

What's Next?

Giving specific updates on the current real estate market during the Covid-19 outbreak can be a challenge. Things change every couple of hours :-)
Some basic things to keep in mind:
- Right now (March 28, 2020) Realtors are not supposed to be meeting clients, showing homes, etc ....
- Lenders and appraisers are working to make things move along with sales that are currently in process - when they can. For example, flexibility with how they confirm someone is still employed, sometimes allowing exterior appraisals, etc ...
Each case is different, so you'll want to make sure to have clear communication with your Realtor & lender. They can give you the details so you can plan and make informed decisions.
It would be a lie to say this virus outbreak is a positive thing. However, I have been energized by the response my clients and business partners have had when I speak with them.
I am looking forward to telling everyone about what is next. Homes on the market, emerging trends, and more. I have faith all of that will be "Coming Soon".