Mar 23, 2018

This Just In: Homes Are Selling Fast

I love stats. And maps.

I took a snapshot of the past 12 months or so, and the homes listed on the map in yellow are ones that I sold. The ones listed in red are homes I have listed for sale right now.

You can put away your calculator. That is ONE active home on the market!

No, I didn't retire. Homes are selling fast. Real fast.

But here's the thing. Buyers who are ready (pre-approved, knowledgeable about the process, etc ..) are getting these homes. The market is good for the informed. It's really stressful for those "winging it".

My point being, don't wing it. Find a Realtor you like. It would also help if you trusted them :-)

There are about to be a number of red dots on that map.

  - Anyone interested in a Dillsburg home with a horse pasture for in the 250k range?

 - How about living in the super-hot Carlisle market for under 150k?

 - CV School District w/ a fenced yard for under 200k?

Snooze, you lose!