Feb 16, 2017

Live in the City, Preserve the Wilderness

One of my goals is to help get some prime Real Estate *off the market*, out of the hands of developers, and into a nature conservancy status. 

I know what you're thinking.

I make a living getting people into homes and selling them when they want to move. Sometimes it's in a city where you can walk to everything (smart move!). 

I find myself in the suburbs much of the time. It's where I grew up for most of my childhood. 

Then there are the farms. The wooded lots on the creek. The chalets on top of the mountain. Those are fun too -- and I have some great stories about many crazy homes!

But to be honest --- nature is what keeps me going. It's not as easy to absorb myself in the natural world as it used to be. I blame smart phones --- but it's my own fault.

So when I heard about 353 acres just outside of Harrisburg that The Nature Conservancy purchased I was ecstatic. Honest.

I hope people use it. Lightly, please. 

Bring your kids. Don't forget your Peterson Field Guide to the Birds. You'll need it, because the birds are there. And the trees. I suspect some of this has been logged over the years, and it will be interesting to see how much old growth forest remains on Cove Mountain. 

The trails will stretch for 10 miles or more. There are views of the Rockville Bridge. My goal is to find the endangered Allegheny Woodrat. The what? Yeah, I never heard of it either! 

I'll see you there in the fall.

More information on the Cove Mountain Preserve on ABC TV 27 News here.