Mar 1, 2016

Keep Your Filthy Hands Off My Money

View from House enrolled in Clean and Green

One common theme I hear is how people don't like where their money is going when they pay taxes. Well how about if you paid less Real Estate Tax? Got your attention?

The Clean & Green Act allows you to receive a preferential tax assessment. In other words, the county's assessed value of land and home will be reduced. This will equal lower taxes.

If your land is devoted to agricultural use, agricultural reserve, or forest reserve ---- and you are on 10 or more acres ---- you might qualify.

A good example is a home I have for sale. I just put it on the market for $265,000 and the taxes are right around $2,000 a year. In York County that is CHEAP. York County has their revised appraisal value at only $103,660. That's how it's done.

Do you qualify? Call me and I can point you in the right direction. If you like to read, here is some more info.

Want to live on my road? Here is that house I was talking about.