Jan 12, 2011

Preparing To Sell

I'm often asked what upgrades should be done to a home, prior to selling. My answer is always different depending on the situation of the Seller. I'll address some simple ideas --- but first consider this:

Maintain and improve your home each quarter for the duration of your ownership. Do something positive to your home every season. You don't have to spend a fortune. Paint, landscape, shutters, sink, etc ....

It'll be much easier tidying up your home when you decide to sell than it would be to paint every room, renovate the kitchen, put down new carpet, etc ....

Besides, you will have been able to enjoy the positive changes made to your home. The fact is, you probably won't recoup the amount of money put into most upgrades --- so why not get some life out of them before you move on?

For starters, here are two simple suggestions to do this winter:

  • Replace your front door: Don't go cheap, go for quality. You'll see it every day and when you go to sell it's the first and last thing Buyers will see. Before you sell, spruce it up with a good cleaning or paint/stain. This is one item where you may see a positive return on value.

  • Garage Door: It looks pretty shabby doesn't it? Check out some of the new styles that will complement the character of your home.

Always ask a local Realtor you trust what they think about any upgrades. Call or email me ---- I enjoy helping people make positive changes.