Dec 8, 2010

How to Find Your New Home

It's easy, right? You have a friend who has a sibling who is a Realtor. You call them and they say they'd be glad to help you find a home. You start getting automatic computer-generated emails everyday with lists of homes for sale.

This is all fine, but is it working for you? Ask your Realtor what their schedule is for helping Buyers find homes. This isn't a rude question --- you are counting on them to help you.

If I have an agreement with someone to help them find a home, I have their daily home search scheduled in my planner. It involves more than looking at the local Multi-List each morning.

Don't give up on your Realtor if they stumble at first. They may not understand your level of interest in purchasing a home. Make sure they understand if you are serious, or if you are just preparing for something a few months down the road. It's the fair thing to do.

You found the home before your Realtor did? Not unheard of in today's world. Your Realtor is still a valuable resource for you. Determining fair market value, negotiating, expert advice & more.

By the way, it really is a great time to buy. While people are not giving away their homes (who would?) --- your competition is minimal in the Central Pennsylvania wintertime.

Give me a call (717-215-0243), and we can discuss putting you on my schedule :-)