Fixer Upper

Have thoughts of buying a home, tearing up the carpet to expose the wood floor in that 1952 rancher and then selling it for $20,000 more? If you don't, you are one of the few.

I love watching the various Real Estate shows on TV where they "flip" houses and make tons of money in a couple weeks. The truth is, remodeling a home may add value to the property. Does it always translate into a quick sale and big profit? Nope. You have to do it right. It generally takes money, time, work and a good understanding of the market.

To start, you'll want to know what comparable homes in the area (size and style) have sold for in the past 6 months to 1 year. The best way to do this is with a Realtor®. Find someone who knows the area you are targeting. Also, ask them for their resume and/or referrals. With a big investment, make sure the people on your team are competent. I can help you or refer you to someone in your area that will work with you.