Buy a Home That Fits Your Needs

About the truck: That's Big Blue. It's the best darn vehicle in the whole world, let alone Dillsburg. It was free.

I don't mean to sound so bland and ultra-conservative. I'm pretty sure I'm neither of those :-)

I like to have nice things (just look at my truck!), and some of those are clearly wants and not needs. However, as a Realtor I see a number of people bite off a bit more than they can chew. This is especially true for some of the first time home buyers I have talked to.

Look, if you can afford a $450,000 5 bedroom home .... that's great (I'd be happy to sell you one!). But before you commit to that big mortgage, think about what you really need. What will work for you? Do you like to have one big party a year? How about spending $800 less a month and putting a fraction of that money towards renting out a park, an Inn, or even the Pride of the Susquehanna?

Now, let's face it. Part of being happy is liking where you live. Buy a nice home. Update it. Love your neighborhood. Just don't buy over your head, or you may end up living in something like Big Blue.