Woof Woof

Don't let Fido or Tabby take a bite out of your home sale price. I see it happen all the time.

It seems like every month I have a client who is very excited about a particular home only to be disappointed as soon as the front door is opened. It is not the gaudy chandelier that has them back pedaling. It is the smell of household pets.

This is a touchy subject. Many of us love our pets. We love them to the point of being offended if others are not overjoyed by the sight of them. So, what do you do? Ask a friend or neighbor without pets to let you know if they smell anything. Ask your Realtor.

If the feedback is bad, air your home out. Wash the curtains. Clean your carpets. Hire a pro --- and don't bargain shop. If you save $150 on the carpet person but receive $8,000 less for you home --- that bargain won't seem so great.

There are some great tips at HouseLogic.

And yes, that is my dog. She is perfect and doesn't smell :-)