Thank You - Apparently I'm Great

I like to work towards a goal, and I feel great when it is accomplished. However, I'm not the best at accepting accolades.

This is why I was surprised to feel so good about being voted "Simply the Best" Residential Real Estate Agent in Harrisburg Magazine for their annual award in 2010. I like Harrisburg Magazine, and look in it every year to see if any new restaurants were voted in. I like to eat!

My office is at Re/Max 1st Advantage in Mechanicsburg. The level of professionalism there is amazing. The smart people I work with make me better at what I do.

I'm good at what I do, but it would be dull for me to think there are not other Real Estate Agents out there who are just as professional. The fact is, people voted for me --- and that feels pretty great. Thanks.

Before I forget, Autumn is around the corner. Look for maintenance tips from me in the coming days. Have a chimney? Get it checked out/cleaned now, before the pros get busy!