Quality of Life

Hidden Gems. I see that phrase in real estate marketing quite often. Trouble is, it can have different meanings. Maybe the home needs some light work to catch it up with the neighborhood. Sometimes the Seller or Realtor is being a bit more literal with the word "hidden". There may be a feature of the home that is not evident to the passerby.

Don't be afraid to look for a home that fits your needs in places you wouldn't normally consider. Your Realtor can keep an eye out for this type of home. A good example is this 3 Bedroom home. It's across from the local elementary school and at first glance it would appear to have a small back yard. Think again. Over 1 1/2 acres of primarily secluded lawn, gardens, and nature.

Or consider this townhome. Normally, people may not associate a townhome with "seclusion". Well, if you are sitting in your back yard and no one can see you, that's secluded.

Take time to think about what will make you happy, and then discuss those things with your Realtor. He or she may have some ideas you have not thought of.