Stay Positive

Hold your head up. Things are looking good.

I'm not conceited enough to think that my job, and Real Estate in general is the only true measure of our country's economic and psychological ups and downs. Other important measures include the state of Jon and Kate, Brad Lidges walk to strikeout ratio and the number of times the two political parties disagree every 15 minutes. But seriously, Real Estate matters.

I think most of us would agree that if consumers are consuming --- that's a good thing. Well, they are. They're buying homes. Pending home sales have risen for the past 6 straight months*. That's more than has ever been recorded. The National Association of Realtors have only kept that stat since 2001 ---- but there were some pretty busy Real Estate years in there if you remember.

Keep in mind that I live and work in an area of the country that has weathered the storm we are seeing on the news pretty good. It's one of the reasons I'm still here. Oh, that and chicken corn soup. Maybe that's what other parts of the country need. Chicken corn soup. Anyone have the number for the White House?
*Pending home sale stats are reported by The National Association of Realtors. More info here.