Location, Location, Condition?

Everyone has heard of Location, Location, Location. It's true, certain communities or even just a great view help sell a home quicker or for more money than other similar homes. However, I see Sellers these days not worrying about the condition of their home. In other words --- some paint and little elbow grease may get you some more $$$ and should definitely help you find a willing buyer faster than if the home was in shambles.

A good start would be to ask your Realtor for suggestions. One service I provide, if the situation warrants it, is a Home Staging report from a local company that specializes in prepping homes for sale.

The home listed above is in a neighborhood that past clients have told me they would like to move to. So -- the location part is in order. The owners have also taken great care of the home, which is evident as soon as you step foot inside.


Interest Rates

When's a good time to buy a home? I always tell people to buy whenever they want to move. That should be the most important question you have: Do I want to move? If the answer is "no", then it really does not matter what "type" of market it is.

Once you get beyond that, talk to your Realtor about the buying process. Right now, Interest Rates are pretty low. Historically, the last few years have been GREAT times to get a low interest rate. Bet you don't hear that on the news, do you?